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What is an Anti-stress diet: foods good for health

BySamanthaFeb 23, 20228 min read

Stress is a necessary protective mechanism to protect and safeguard us. Although, in many cases taking natural steps to combat stress and anxiety can help enormously, only about a third…

What is a Paleo diet

BySamanthaFeb 20, 2022

When we look at the many existing diets – like the gluten-free diet, the paleo diet or the ketogenic diet and the way we choose to eat, it becomes increasingly…

What is a flexitarian diet?

BySamanthaFeb 17, 2022

The flexitarian diet is an increasingly common eating style. It is not just a fad since it also corresponds to changes in modern lifestyles, new advances in nutrition, and environmental…

What’s Anti-cancer foods and diet: how it works

BySamanthaFeb 13, 2022

Food can be an effective way to fight cancer. cancer is a major public health issue being second cause of death in the world with 8.8 million deaths in 2015…