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What is Mediterranean diet: how it helps to stay in good health

BySamanthaFeb 11, 202210 min read

The Mediterranean diet is centered on the traditional cuisine that people in Mediterranean nations like France, Spain, Greece, and Italy used to eat. The patients in this study were extremely…

Vegetarian diet: the benefits and what to eat

BySamanthaFeb 8, 2022

The vegetarian diet is a societal phenomenon that is on the rise. A vegetarian diet is a dietary regimen that excludes meat and poultry. Vegetarians may also exclude eggs, dairy…

What is a low calorie diet?

BySamanthaFeb 5, 2022

We all want to lose some weight and stay in shape. However, 80% of people eventually regain the lost weight. No slimming diet works in the long term. This is…

What is keto diet: how to maintain a keto diet

What is keto diet: how to maintain a keto diet

BySamanthaFeb 2, 2022

The keto diet is a low carb, high-fat diet that has been shown to be effective for weight loss. It involves eating mostly foods that are high in fat and…